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Your guru to prepare you for that Dream Job. We will tell you what others don't.

Campus placement season is round the corner. It is the time to perfect your interviewing skills before you appear for the real one. You prepare well for any exam. Shouldn’t you do the same for every interview?

Help is now at hand.

Introducing iGuru*, your personal DIGITAL Mock Interview Coach. iGuru coaches you in real time job interview scenarios and helps you get assessment and feedback from experienced industry veterans who have been recruiting students for years and years.

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6 reasons why iGuru is your perfect coach

Train in Simulated Environment

iGuru prepares you in an environment exactly like the real one. You will be asked questions that are drawn from our exhaustive database of questions often asked by hiring teams.

Save Time, Be Productive

Every minute saved is every minute available for productive use. About time that time wasted in travel is avoided. Stay safe and away from chaotic traffic and annoying pollution by giving mock job interviews from your home.

Polish your domain expertise

Test your skills on most sought after jobs based on your specialization. Practise till you get it right, and land a job in a domain of your preference.

Get Expert Feedback

Get a professional feedback and guidance on your interview performance from industry experts. Unlike traditional feedback, iGuru works as a systematic one-on-one evaluation, keeping in mind your holistic profile - considering academics, extra-curricular achievements and co-curricular skills, aligning them to prospective jobs.

Replay, Review and Revise

Play back your recorded interview any number of times to use it as a self-tutor. Continuously hone your skills through analysis and relive the simulated environment till you perfect the art.

Share and Refine

iGuru allows you to easily share your recorded interview performance with friends and well-wishers. This allows you to get more insights to further polish your skills. In thus doing, you get a 360o feedback.

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Register yourself

Share your details (basic personal and educational). Receive an interview invitation link on your email.

Interview Assessment

An experienced veteran, who is or has been part of the hiring team in organizations, assesses your interview and shares specific 1-on-1 feedback for you.

Performance Feedback

Get comprehensive feedback and an interview scorecard that gives you a holistic view about your strengths with personalized tips on improving your opportunity areas.


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Commonly asked questions

All your questions on iGuru answered here

iGuru is your Digital Mock Interview Coach, created with a desire to help master your interview skills, thus confidently bagging that job from your dream employer. iGuru is a simulated real-life interview experience. You can experience iGuru sitting from the comfort of your home or hostel. You also get a personalized 1-on1 feedback from experienced industry veterans.
Each iGuru interview is curated keeping in mind your specific profile, your specialization and industries you are targeting for your job. Each interview has about 10-12 questions for you to answer. For each question, you are shown an indicated ideal answer time. That said, each iGuru interview typically takes between 30-45 minutes to complete.
iGuru is the latest technique of Digital Interviews, increasingly being used by organizations in their recruitment process. An iGuru interview can be given without the need to travel anywhere from the comfort of your home or hostel using your laptop. Questions appear one by one, a video recording window opens up and your answers get recorded on video. A human voice asks you each question but there is no physical interviewer at the other end unlike a face-face interview.
iGuru in its current offering is most ideal for job seeking students. You get to Practise with questions most likely to be asked in your actual interviews by hiring teams of companies, get to see your own recorded answers and share them with faculty and alumni to get feedback to train your skills and above all get 1-on-1 personalized feedback on your interview performance.
Once you buy an iGuru interview package, you get an interview invitation link within 1 business day with questions specifically curated to match your specialization and targeted industries for your dream job. The interview link is LIVE for next 48 hours for you to give your interview at your convenience any time of the day or night. Once you complete your interview, you get a feedback link within next 2 working days after an industry expert has gone through your recorded interview.
Making that first impression at an interview is a skill that needs to be imbibed unless you have it genetically. You have heard enough times that Practise makes it perfect. To make it easy for you to decide, iGuru comes in two packages – 1-interview & 3-interviews. The 3 interviews package has been designed keeping in mind that you can see your own improvement over a period of time. In this package, questions are graded to cover a wide spectrum of questions that could come up during your actual job interviews given the role and domain being opted.

In the 3 interview package, the 2nd and 3rd interview links are sent to you after a gap of 10-15 days from the feedback of the earlier interview so that you have enough time to hone up your skills.