As per the notification issued by the Department of Personnel and Training, Civil Services (Mains) Exam will have a new pattern from year 2013 onwards.

Following is the allocation of marks according to new pattern(from 2013 onwards):

PAPER AREA/SUBJECT Maximum Marks (From 2013 onwards) Maximum Marks (previous -till 2012)
Qualifying Paper -A One of the Indian Languages from the languages included in the eighth schedule 300 300
Qualifying Paper-B English 300 300
1 Essay 250 200
2 GS-I (Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society) 250 600 marks (Previously, these four papers existed as two papers each of 300 marks)
3 GS-II (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations) 250
4 GS-III (Technology, Economic Development, Bio-Diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management) 250
5 GS-IV (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude) 250
6 Optional Subject(I) Paper-1 250 300
7 Optional Subject(I) Paper-2 250 300
8 Optional Subject(II) Paper-1 Not Applicable 300
9 Optional Subject(II) Paper-1 Not Applicable 300



GRAND TOTAL 2025 2300

Following are the changes in the Written Part of the Main Examination of Civil Services Exam:
  • Instead of two optionals, candidates will now be required to take only one optional on which there will be two papers
  • General Studies is now divided into four papers instead of the earlier two papers
  • The papers on 'Indian Language & English' will be qualifying in nature. The marks obtained will not be counted for final ranking.
  • A separate paper on 'Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude' has been included as part of General Studies.
  • Marks for interview have been reduced from 300 to 275 marks.
  • Marks allotted for different papers (General Studies and Optional) have been reduced to 250 per paper.
  • Candidates will have the option of answering any of the question papers(except Qualifying Papers) in any of the Indian languages